How To Apply Community Certificate Through Online In Tamilnadu

In this guide, we are going to see “How to apply Community Certificate through online in Tamilnadu?”.

You can easily get the community certificate online in Tamil Nadu. No need to pay the bribe and it’s not a time-consuming process.

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To apply a community certificate, you have to create user id in TNESevai Website after that have to create CAN Number. Refer the below articles for that,

Apply Community Certificate Online – Details

Time TakenUp to 15 Days
Payment ModeOnline

Steps to Apply Community Certificate Through Online In Tamilnadu:

The first step is, you have to open the TNeGA Website and login with your account.

Once you have successfully logged in, the homepage will look like the below image. You have to click the “Revenue Department” Link.

On the Revenue Department Page, you have to click the “Community Certificate” Link.

It will open a new window in your browser and show the instructions page. It clearly shows you have to upload the applicant photo, address proof, community certificate of father or mother or siblings and self-declaration of Applicant.

Once you proceed to the next page by clicking the “Proceed” button it will ask you register CAN Number or if you already applied then you have to search your CAN Number by anyone of the option. You have to generate and verify OTP.

After that, it will open the community certificate form. On that form, basic details of the person are already pre-filled because of “CAN Number”.

You have to choose the Father, Mother’s Caste and Community then have to choose the requested community and caste.

It may ask this question,” whether any of the applicant’s family members possess a permanent online certificate issued by competent Revenue Authority”.

If any of your family members got a community certificate online then choose this option as “Yes” otherwise make it as “No”.

Finally, submit the form. It will move on to the next page where you have to upload the required documents as per the instructions.

Make sure you have uploaded the documents in respective file sizes and types.

File Typespdf,jpeg,jpg,gif,png
Size of the document200KB
Size of the photo50KB

You have to download the Self Declaration Form and sign it then scan the self-declaration form upload it to the website.

Bonus Tip

To convert your images into pdf use this website and to reduce the size of the images use this website.

Frequently Asked Questions About Community Certificate

What is a community certificate?

A community certificate is used to represent the religion and caste of a person. It is used for a scholarship.

Where can I apply for a Community Certificate?

You can apply a community certificate online through this website ” “.

How do I apply for a lost community certificate?

You can able to apply for a lost community certificate with the help of your family person’s community certificate. Through two modes you can apply – Online ( ) or Offline ( ESeva Centre)

How long is a community certificate valid for?

Community certificate is valid for a lifetime. You don’t have to renew it.

How do I renew my community certificate?

You don’t have to renew the community certificate.

How to track the application status of community certificate?

With the help of the acknowledgment number, You can able to track the status of the community certificate online.


Finally, make the online payment of Rs.60 using any one of the methods. After successful payment, you will get an acknowledgment form with a number. That’s it if you have queries comment below I will help you. Share this article with your friends.

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  1. My caste certificate application has been rejected due to reason “No enough address proof”. Hence i applied once again by paying Rs. 60 with all address proof, but the application get submitted directly to Zonal Thasildhar and again get rejected stating ” Applied directly to Zonal Thasildhar- Apply through VAO”. On verifying from others it has been confirmed that the rejected application will appear in Returned Applications menu and then we have to rectify and no need of paying again. Now my que is what is the maximum time for the rejected application to appear in Returned Application menu for correction.

      • Yes, it’s showing. But what is the procedure to reapply?? Reapply module will be activated only if the rejected application comes to Returned Application MENU. But it is taking too long time. In between if you apply it gets directly submitted to the last officer who rejected the application.


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