How to Buy Tamilnadu School Textbooks Online

In this article, I have shared how to buy Tamilnadu school textbooks online using the official Tamil Nadu Textbook And Educational Services Corporation ( website.


I personally tested this method, It works well. I ordered the books on 09.09.2019 and received books via “Professional Courier” on 24.09.2019.

Buy Tamilnadu School Textbooks Online

Time Taken10-20 Days
Payment ModeOnline

To know the price of the books, check the below link. The “” has published the price list of school books.

This article may useful for those who are preparing for TNPSC Exams. You don’t have to visit the local shop to purchase Tamilnadu school books.

They will charge much for School books and you have to verify the edition of books. To help those peoples I have written this article.

I recommend you to buy 6th standard to 10th standard textbooks. If you are in the lack of cash you may download the 6th std to 12th std books for free.

Important Note: You can’t buy other standard books.For example: If you registered as a 6th standard student you can’t buy 7th standard books.

நீங்கள் பதிவு செய்யும்போது கொடுக்கும் வகுப்புக்கான பாட புத்தகங்களை மட்டுமே வாங்க முடியும்.இதர வகுப்பிற்கான பாட புத்தகங்களை வாங்க புதிய கணக்கு தொடங்க வேண்டும்.

ஆனால் தமிழக அரசின் அறிவிப்பின்படி இந்த சேவை மாணவர்களுக்கானது.எனவே போலி பதிவு செய்ய வேண்டாம். உங்களது உறவினர்கள் அல்லது நண்பர்களது குழந்தைகளின் தகவல்களை உபயோகபடுத்தி அனைத்து புத்தகங்களும் வாங்கி கொள்ள அறிவுறுத்துகிறேன்.

This feature is for school students so don’t create multiple fake accounts. You can use your neighbor or friend’s kid’s information to buy books.

See also:

Per account, you can able to buy only registered standard textbooks. So you have to make five accounts to buy 6th to 12th textbooks. The textbooks will be delivered to the registered address.

Okay, Let’s move to main part,

Buy Tamilnadu School Textbooks Online – Step By Step Guide

As per the textcorp website school, students can order new books online. So you have to register as a student.

To register as a student you goto this link – Student Registration. It will open the registration form like the below image.

Student Registration form

You have to fill up these details,

Personal Details:

  • Parent/Guardian Name
  • Student Name ( Your Name )
  • Mobile No
  • Email
  • Your Address(street,area,city,district,pin code, and landmark)

School Information

For School Information Select Your nearby school.

  • District
  • Block
  • School
  • Standard(For Which Standard You Need Books)
  • Medium(For Which Medium You Need Books)

After filling up all the details click the “save” button. It will save your details and send the activation email with username & password.

Now you will receive an activation email with username & password. I attached the email I have received.

Activation Email

Click the “Activate Now” button to verify your account. After that, you can log in to your account.

Email Verified

After successful student login, you can order the books using the “Order Book” button. It will list out all the books, you can select the books you want to buy.

After that, verify the books and amount need to pay then proceed to payment by clicking the “Order Books-Confirmation” button.

Youtube Video Guide


Once the payment is done, books will be delivered to your home. It will take up to 15 days. That’s it guys hope this article helps you. Share this post with your friends to help them.

If you have any queries please comment below, glad to help you.

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  1. Hi,

    I have ordered the book on 29-Oct-2019. When I paid the amount, the page automatically redirected to login page. I didn’t get any Invoices at all. But, amount debited from my bank account. But payment status is not done. Kindly suggest me a solution.

  2. I ordered book Nov 1st 2019. Done payment.. after done process it redirected to login page, didn’t get invoice. Amount deducted from my account.After that I checked payment status it shows payment not done. To whom to communicate future. Help me.

  3. I’ve ordered books on 15th October 2019. On the same day I had placed 2 orders. I received one of the orders on 21st October. How to track the other order which I’ve not received yet and whom should I contact for it,?


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