How to Check TNEB Reading Online – EB Bill Tamilnadu(Guide)

In this tutorial, I am going to share the guide to check TNEB reading online in Tamilnadu. There are some prerequisites to check EB reading online in Tamilnadu. Those are,

  • Service Number(Consumer Number)
  • Registered Mobile Number

I have seen a lot of peoples are visiting recharge shops to pay the electricity bill and some of them visiting tneb office.

Do you know? It is very easy to pay for the Tamilnadu electricity bill online. If you don’t know your service number also known as consumer number then I suggest you find that first. For that, you can refer to the below article.

  • How to find TNEB Service Number | Consumer Number?

Step By Step Guide: Check TNEB Reading Online

  • You have to choose your region, enter your service and mobile number, and fill up the captcha to proceed.
  • The website will display three sections. Those are “Account Summary, Monthly Consumption Charge Collection Details, and Miscellaneous Details”.
Account Summary
  • In account summary, consumer details and TNEB Slab Rate will be displayed. You can find the UNIT Rate via the SLAB Rate table.
Monthly Consumption Charge Collection Details
  • In the above table, You can find the consumed units and rate for that. You can find historic results of your EB bill.
Miscellaneous Details
  • In the miscellaneous table, You can find the TNEB Deposit charges, Development charges, and Meter deposit charges.

Suggestions to the TNEB as a Consumer

The website needs to be developed well because you can’t check TNEB reading details easily via the mobile. The reason is the website opened the desktop version of the website so the TNEB needs to design the responsive version of the website.

The Mobile application needs to improve. A lot of Android mobiles not having full compatibility with the TNEB Mobile Application.

How to know TNEB Bill Amount, Reading Details, and Transaction History via TANDEGCO Android App?

TANGDEGO developed an Android application to provide quick access to the TNEB services for consumers.

You can do a lot of things via the TANGEDCO Android App. Those are,

  1. Quick Pay
  2. My Bills
  3. My Consumers
  4. Bill Calculator
  5. Check Transactions

Install the TANGEDCO Android Application from the Google Playstore and signup an account using your registered mobile number and consumer number.

Once you have successfully created an account then you can see all the services provided bu the TNEB in the dashboard.

With the help of Bill calculator, you can calculate your EB Bill easily. The application needs to be improved because a lot of users are complaining of bugs in the application.

Anyway, the TANGEDCO team regularly fixing bugs and updating the Android application. If you face any bugs then you can comment below.

I will forward the bugs to the development team. In my next article, I will share the tutorial to pay Tamilnadu electricity bill online.

Final Words

I hope this article helps you to know the TNEB reading online. If you have any queries feel free and contact us. Share this article with others to help them.

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