How to Disable Right Click, Cut, Copy, & Paste in WordPress

Do you want to protect your website content from thieves? If yes you have to disable Right Click, Cut, Copy, and Paste functions.

In this tutorial, I am going to show you “How to Protect Your Website Content from Thieves using WordPress Plugin“.

Nowadays most of the websites are using WordPress Content Management System because of it’s user-friendly features.

It is very easy to protect your website content using a WordPress plugin. Do you know? There is an extension available on the Chrome browser to copy the contents even though the website protected the content.

Don’t worry! I have found a wonderful plugin that will bypass the Chrome extension. I have personally tested various plugins to protect my content but finally, I end with this plugin.

I have decided to help others too so I have decided to create this article. Okay, let’s move on to the main part of the article.

disable cut, copy, paste, right click in wordpress

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Ultimate Guide: Disable Right Click, Cut, Copy, & Paste in WordPress Website

I hope all of you know that you can add extent WordPress features by installing plugins. Follow the steps I have mentioned below to install the plugin.

That’s it. You don’t have to do anything. Simply open your website in incognito mode and try to copy anything from the website. You can’t.

If you have installed cache plugins such as “WP Rocket, WP Total Cache, or WP Super Cache” then I suggest you clear the cache after installing this plugin.

Note: All the functions will work If you are logged in into your website. As a admin we will do cut, copy, and paste so the plugin won’t stop these functions if you are logged in into website.

disable right click wordpress

For your reference, I have attached the plugin image because of a lot of WordPress plugins available on the same name.

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Please note that some of the WordPress Plugins can’t bypass the “Enable Right Click” chrome extension. I suggest you test whether the plugin is working or not with this extension.

If you protect your website content then thieves can’t copy your content easily. It is the best method. I have tested this plugin with Newspaper Mobile Theme+AMP. It’s working well.

Share your thoughts and queries via the comment section. According to me, It is a lightweight plugin so it won’t reduce your website speed.


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