How to Earn Money Online Via Blogging? | Ultimate Guide

Do you know? You can earn money online via various methods but blogging is the popular one. In this article, I am going to share my experience with blogging.

In 2020, every day a lot of new websites are created for blogging but only some of them are survived there is a reason for that.

Did you think earning money online via blogging is an easy job? It is not an easy job and it is not hard one too. You have to work smart to earn money online via blog.

earn money online blogging

What is Blog and How to earn money online via blogging?

Okay, First let me explain What is blog for newbies. In simple words, Blog is a website where a user can share their experiences and thoughts.

You may ask How to earn money via Blogging? There are a lot of ways available. The popular two methods are,

  • Google AdSense
  • Affiliate Marketing

If you are a newbie then I always suggest you go with Google AdSense first to get experience then only can succeed in affiliate marketing.

How to create a blog?

There are a lot of steps you have to follow. It is very easy to create a blog but you need to put small investment for that. Yes, You need to pay for domain & hosting.

  • Purchase Domain and Hosting
  • Install WordPress
  • Install Theme and Necessary Plugins
  • Setup Google Analytics
  • Add website into the Google

You need to choose the best domain name and hosting. If you go with bad domain and hosting then you will not get succeeded.

First, You have to think in which niche you are going to start a blog. Niche means the topic. For example, I am posting movies articles so my niche is Entertainment.

Successful bloggers are saying that choose the niche you love but from my experience, I always choose a niche based on two criteria. Those are,

  1. Traffic
  2. Competition

More traffic = More money. Do you know? “Earn Money Online” is a very competitive one. If you are a begginner then I suggest you avoid competitive niches.

How to purchase domain & hosting?

Once you have decided the niche then choose the domain name related to that niche. Follow the below rules for choosing the domain name.

  • Avoid Long Domain Name
  • Choose Unique Name
  • Avoid Stop Words
  • Easy to pronounce and remember
  • Domain Name Extension( .com, .net )

To purchase domain name and hosting you can use the “Godaddy”. In beginning, I suggest you buy domain name and hosting from one company. According to me, Godaddy is best for beginners.

How to install WordPress?

WordPress is a content management system(CMS). WordPress is free so you don’t have to pay money. Via your hosting CPanel, you can install WordPress to your blog with a single click.

There are some basic steps you have to done after installing the WordPress. Those are,

  • Setup Peramalinks
  • Update Ping List
  • Change Media Settings
  • Create Important Pages

I have to planned to create a separate article for the above topics. Meanwhile, you can refer to the most popular Indian blog Shoutmeloud to learn about blogging.

How to choose best WordPress Theme?

Do you know? Theme plays major role in SEO. There are a lot of things you have to consider before installing theme.

I am using the Generatepress Theme. If you want to know why Generatepress Theme is best then check out the review.

I have mentioned everything you have to consider before choosing a theme for WordPress. If you have any queries then you can ask via comments.

What are the necessary WordPress plugin need to install?

The best thing about the WordPress is you can extend the functionality via plugins. Without wordpress plugins, you can’t run a successful blog because plugins plays a major role in every aspects.

You need to install WordPress plugins for these aspects I have mentioned below. I have mentioned the plugin name too.

  1. SEO – Yoast SEO or Rank Math & Table of Contents
  2. Speed – Wp Rocker or Wp Total Cache
  3. Images – Imagify
  4. Comment Spam – Akismet

How to earn money online via Google AdSense?

Your blog will not get rankings in one day. Blogging is a slow process. Yes, You have to post a lot of quality articles, build backlinks, and much more.

Do you know? You have to get approval from Google AdSense to earn money. Google will approve quality websites only so you need to build your blog perfectly atleast for 3 months.

Once you have got the Google Adsense approval then simply set up the ads and enjoy. Yes, whenever a user clicks ads on your website then you will get money in your Google AdSense account.

Google will send a payment every month. If you get high traffic then you can earn a lot of money. I will explain affiliate marketing in the next article.


I hope this article helps you to know basic details about blogging and how to earn money via blog. Share this article with your friends to help them. If you have any queries about blogging please comment below. I am happy to answer.

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