How To Find TNEB | TANGEDCO Consumer | Service No

Hope all of you know about TNEB Bill Payment. Some of them have trouble to find TNEB | TANGEDCO Consumer | Service Number.

Tamilnadu Electricity Board is an abbreviation of TNEB & TANGEDCO abbreviation is Tamil Nadu Generation and Distribution Corporation.

Nowadays everything is online yes you can book cars, foods, and etc.. Yes it’s better to pay everything via online it reduces the human manual efforts.

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TANGEDCO is a subsidiary of TNEB. Okay now let’s move to the main part of the article,

Find TNEB TANGEDCO Consumer Service No

If you have EB Card it’s easy to find find the consumer number. Yes Service No is printed on the EB Card.


  • Region Code (2 Digit) : xx
  • Section (3 Digit) : xxx
  • Distribution (3 Digit) : xxx
  • Service Number (4 Digit) : xxxx

Consumer Number(10 Digit) = Region Code (2 Digit)+Section (3 Digit)+Distribution (3 Digit)+Service Number (4 Digit)

There are totally nine regions those are,

  • Chennai-North = 01
  • Viluppuram = 02
  • Coimbatore = 03
  • Erode = 04
  • Madurai = 05
  • Trichy = 06
  • Tirunelveli = 07
  • Vellore = 08
  • Chennai-South = 09

It’s very easy to find your TNEB Section and Distribution code. You can able to find these codes via the TNEB Official Service Number Finder Website.

Steps to Find Region, Section and Distribution Number

Update:- Currently, TNEB removed the “Know your service number” option from its website. I am trying to find out a new way for this. I request you to keep patient until I found the solution.

Visit the TNEB Official Service Number Finder Website. The finder app will look like the below image.

After selecting Region you have to select section code. Once you have selected the section code have to select the distribution code.

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After completing all these steps you have to enter your service number. It will display whether service an active or inactive status and service details.

Final Thoughts

Hope this article helps you. If you have any queries regards TNEB Consumer or Service Number please comment below. I glad to help you.

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