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Pdf Drive is the best search engine for Pdf files. Almost 10 million pdf files are available on the Pdf drive website. You can download Pdf files for free. There are no annoying ads and no download limit. It means you can download the “n” number of pdf files per day.

Books, Tutorials, and Manuals are available in the pdf format. Do you know? You can search pdf files in various ways. Those are,

  • Author Name
  • Book Name
  • Tutorial Topic

The pdf files are not password protected. It means you don’t need to worry about the password issue. All types of Pdf documents are available on the pdf drive website.

PDF Drive – Search Engine

I won’t call pdf drive as a website instead of that I will call search engine. Almost 10 million files are hosted on the pdf drive website. The website will show pdf files based on user query so it means search engine.

Google also offering custom code to search pdf files only. I don’t know the code exactly. If you know that please let me know via comments.

Do you know? Pdf files are well ordered using categories. If you like a category then you can navigate to that and download pdf files you like. I have mentioned the categories below.

  1. Editor’s Picks
  2. Academic and Education
  3. Biography
  4. Children & Youth
  5. Lifestyle
  6. Politics & Laws
  7. Most Popular
  8. Art
  9. Environment
  10. Health & Fitness
  11. Personal Growth
  12. Religion
  13. Technology

You can upload copyright-free pdf files into the website but for that, you need to register an account on the website. Note:- To download pdf files you don’t need to register an account.

Did Pdf files are hosted on the website’s own server?

No, 75% of the files are hosted on the website’s own server. 25% of the pdf files are retrieved from the remote location. The website will check the availability of the pdf file on the remote location.

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Do you know? You can find out the pdf file information such as “Pages, Data Size, Total Downloads, and etc”. To know trending ebooks you can sign up their newsletter.

The website won’t show annoying ads it doesn’t mean ads are not used. The website will show some useful advertisements to users. If you like the website service you can donate a small amount of money using the donate button.

Frequently Asked Questions About Pdf Drive

Is Pdfdrive providing copyright-free files?

Not 100%. The website working hard to fight against piracy. If you found any DMCA content on the pdf drive website you can report that to admin. They will take immediate action.

How to view PDF files on mobile?

There are a lot of android applications are available to view pdf files. You can download any one of them. For desktop, I will suggest Adobe Pdf Reader.

Final Words

Actually, In every business, there will be a competitor but there is no competitor for Pdf drive because it is impossible to grow up suddenly. Do share this article with your friends to help their education.

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