How To Register CAN Number in TNeGA

On the previous article, you have seen the “How to register E-Sevai ID in TNeGA“.Once you have completed the previous procedure, you have to register CAN Number in TNeGA.


In this article we will show you how to register CAN Number in TNeGA before that you have to know about what is mean by CAN Number and Why I have to register that.

What is meant by CAN number and why I have to register?

CAN number is nothing but it is a one-time registration number to collect all your personal details for future use.

So you don’t have to fill your personal details to get every certificate.

Register CAN Number in TNeGA

First, you have to register an account in TNeGA Portal, If you don’t know how to do that Refer to this article – “How To Register E-Sevai ID In TNeGA”.

After that you have to login into the TNeGA Portal, once you have successfully logged in to the TNeGA Portal you have to click “Revenue Department” Link.


It will open the Revenue Department Certificates list. To register CAN Number click any one of the certificates.

For example, I have chosen the “Community Certificate”.


It will open a new window on your browser,you have to click proceed button to move further.


On Next page you have to click “Register CAN” button it will open the can registration form fill your details correctly without any errors.


Once you have filled all details click “Generate OTP” button, once you have done that you will receive a message on your mobile number.


Input the OTP in the respective box and click the “submit” button. It will generate the “CAN” number for you.

Youtube Video Guide

If you forgot your CAN Number in future no need to be worry you can retrieve that using your mobile number.


Hope this article helps you. If you have any queries regarding register CAN Number in TNeGA, please comment below. I glad to help you. Share this article with your friends to help them.

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46 thoughts on “How To Register CAN Number in TNeGA”

  1. When i try to register CAN, i am getting an error message – CAN already registered with another adhaar number. This is the first time i am registering. வாட் is the solution for this

    • It’s very easy, Just try to apply any certificate in CAN number window enter your registered mobile number or AADHAAR number to retrieve your CAN number.

      Please read the article carefully so you can understand.

  2. Bro,
    By mistake, I left one part of my name during CAN registeration, please let me know how to edit it.
    The name section is un-editable.

    • Steps to edit CAN details:

      1. Login into the tnesevai website
      2. Try to apply any certificate and verify your CAN number with the help of Aadhaar Number or Mobile Number
      3. Verify the CAN Number using OTP(One Time Password)
      4. Now You will find the “Edit CAN” button.
      5. That’s it edit your CAN details and save.

  3. Good Morning,
    My father passed away recently and I am trying to get legal hire certificate.
    My current address is not in India and I hold OCI. My parents Aadhar card and mine share the same phone number.
    Should I apply legal hire certificate through my account or through my mother.



  4. I have CAN number and registered all details. Recently got NC and BC certificates online. Now tried to apply for OBC with same CAN details, first is shows date of birth then at the time of submit gives an error message as “Date of birth can not be before 1901”, if i check date of birth box nothing shows and it is blank and could not enter the date (disabled). If press again submit button shows “Date of birth should not be blank”.

    kindly help me for this error msg.


  5. I m register in esevai. One doubt if CAN register in my personal details or otherwise my son details. Please tell me because I apply community certificate for my son

  6. Hi,

    Iam trying to apply for the CC for my son. During CAN registration, applicant name should be my son’s name or my name need to enter?

  7. I’ve applied for nativity certificate for my daughter last year and it got rejected

    Now using same can number I’m trying to reapply but unable to do so. I get the message ” service already availed”. Is there a way to reapply in such cases

    PS. We have 5 years proof of residence as required to avail the nativity certificate by residence clause . I am confident that the application was wrongly rejected and hence would like to apply again. Also is there a way to escalate this to higher authorities “

    • Check the “Returned Application” section. You will find your old nativity certificate application and check what is the reason for getting rejected.


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