How To Apply Small/Marginal Farmer Certificate Online In Tamilnadu

If your total family’s agricultural land is less than 4.94 Acre then, you can apply for small/marginal farmer certificate through online in Tamilnadu.

apply small/marginal farmer certificate online in Tamilnadu

There are a lot of questions get raise in your mind when you think about the Small/Marginal Farmer Certificate. That’s why I created the FAQ Section for common questions.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can I apply for the certificate, If my total family land is greater than 4.94 acres?

Ans: No

How much I have to pay for to get the small/marginal farmer certificate?

Ans: Just 60Rs

What are the benefits of small/marginal farmer certificate?

Ans: You will get a 100% subsidy to install drip and sprinkler irrigation system.

The FAQ Section is over Still If you have any questions please comment below. I will answer your questions and I will add those questions to the FAQ Section.

Prerequisite data to apply small/marginal farmer certificate

Now let’s move to the main part of this article,

Procedure to Apply Small/Marginal Farmer Certificate Online In Tamilnadu

You have to register an account in TNeGA and need to create the CAN Number. Check the below articles for that,

Once you had successfully completed the above procedures then login into the TNeGA Portal to proceed further.

TNeGA Login Page

After successful login, you are in the “Services” Page. You have to click the “Revenue Department” to proceed further.

TNega Services

On the Revenue Department page, you have to expand the dropdown box from “10” to “25”.Then you have to click ” REV-117 Small / Marginal Farmer Certificate ” Link.

tnega small marginal farmer certificate
Revenue Department Page

It will open the instructions page. Read the instructions carefully and proceed.

small marginal farmer certificate instructions
Instructions Page

Hope you guys have created the “CAN Number”.Enter your “CAN Number, Mobile Number or Email ID” to search the CAN Number.

small marginal farmer certificate CAN number search

After a successful search of the CAN Number, you have to verify your registered phone number with OTP.

small marginal farmer certificate CAN Number OTP

Once you have successfully verified the OTP If you apply for a small/marginal certificate for the first time click “Proceed” button Otherwise click “Save as New” button.

If you want to edit CAN details then use the “Edit CAN detail” button.

On the small/marginal farmer certificate form, the applicant personal details such as Name, Address are filled by default because of CAN Number.

You have to fill the land details. Those details are,

  • District
  • Taluk
  • Village
  • Land Type
  • Survey and Patta No
  • Land Area (in Hectares)
  • Share Percentage
  • Value (Rs.)

How to get the required details about land?

You can get “survey number, Land Area (in Hectares) and land type” with the help of Chitta/Patta. Refer the below article to get patta/Chitta.

example chitta patta
Chitta Patta Example

If your land listed under “நன்செய்” choose land type as “wet” or If your land listed under “புன்செய்” choose land type as “Dryland”.

How to calculate the share percentage?

To calculate the land share percentage use the below calculator.

  1. The first step is you have to copy the “hectare” from the Chitta/patta document and convert it into acre using the below calculator.
  2. The second step is you have to input your land acre and total acre now you will get the Land Share Percentage.

You can easily get the land’s guideline value from TNREGINET Website.

small marginal farmer certificate form

Submit the form, it will take you to the next page on that you have to upload the required documents.

Upload the required document as per instructions. I suggest you upload the photo, address proof, encumbrance certificate, Chitta and self-declaration of Applicant.

small marginal farmer certificate documents

Final Words:

Finally, make the payment of “Rs.60” using credit card/debit card or net banking. You will get an application number, use that to track the status of your application. Hope you like this article. If you have any doubts please comment below.

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    • You don’t have to consider whether it is wet/dry land,if you have less than 4.94 acre then you can apply for Small/Marginal Farmer Certificate.

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    Thanks for posting the information. Is it mandatory to have your name added to chitta? My Father expired but we haven’t added our names yet to chitta. Is there any provision to proceed with legal heir certificate to get this certificate? Please guide.

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