Tamilnadu TN School Textbooks New | Old PDF Download

This guide may help you to download Tamilnadu TN School Textbooks in PDF Format. Here 6th,7th,8th,9th,10th,11th, and 12th Tamilnadu School Samacheer Kalvi, and CBSE Textbooks are available to download online. If you have trouble to read ebooks then buy tn school books via the official website.

Important Note: Based on Tamilnadu Text Book and Educational Services Corporation( www.textbookcorp.tn.gov.in/) I will update the books here.

Books are available on the official government website( http://tnschools.gov.in/textbooks ) but they are not organized well. That’s why I created this article to help my readers.

Tamilnadu TN School Textbooks:

6th Std – Tamil & English MediumDownload
7th Std – Tamil & English Medium Download
8th Std – Tamil & English Medium Download
9th Std – Tamil & English Medium Download
10th Std – Tamil & English Medium Download

Steps to Download Tamilnadu TN School Textbooks:

  1. Go to the appropriate download page via the above table link
  2. Find the subject and term to download
  3. Finally, click the download button.

How to buy TN School Textbooks Online

You can download the School ebooks via the above link but some of the peoples want to buy the hardcopy of Tamilnadu Tn Textbooks. For that, I created a youtube video for “How to buy Tamilnadu TN Textbooks Online”.

I have created a separate article for each standard because Tamil and English medium books are available in Term wise(Term I, Term II, Term III).

If I add all the books here, it may confuse you. That’s why I created a separate article for each standard. For easy access and download, I uploaded the books on Google Drive.

If the textbook corporation changes the syllabus of Samacheer Kalvi for any class I will update it here so you don’t have to worry about the syllabus change.

Those people who are preparing for TNPSC Exams they have to study the 6th standard to 12th standard Tamil Nadu Samacheer Kalvi Textbooks.

I suggest you study old and new School textbooks for TNPSC. If you are a newbie to TNPSC or If you have issues in TNPSC One Time Registration refer to the below articles.

What is samacheer kalvi?

Samacheer Kalvi is a School Education Department of Government of Tamil Nadu, India program to integrate the various school educational systems within the state. For More Details about Samacheer Kalvi Refer the Wikipedia Article “Samacheer Kalvi“.

Are you searching for 6th standard to 12th standard Book back Questions? Then make use of the below article.

  • 6th Std – 12th Std Book Back Questions

Frequently Asked Questions About TN Textbooks

How to buy Tamilnadu tn school books online?

It’s quite easy because you can buy tn school textbooks via the official government website. There are a lot of steps have to finish. Refer to this guide it will help you.

How to download Tamilnadu TNTextbooks?

To download Tamilnadu TN Textbooks simply go to the appropriate standard page then find the subject you want to download finally click the download button.

Where can I download Tamilnadu Old Textbooks?

On the official website, you cannot find the old school books but don’t worry I have uploaded the New & Old Samacheer Kalvi books for public usage.

Did I get notified when the government changed the syllabus of the book?

Yes, you will get notified via email when the Tamilnadu government changes the syllabus of the school textbook.


To get future updates about “Tamilnadu TN Textbooks” subscribe to us via Newsletter. Hope this article helps you. If you have any queries regarding Tamil Nadu New or Old School Textbooks please comment below. I glad to help you.”Sharing is Caring” so share this post with your friends to help them.

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