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Telugu Actor & Popular Anchor TNR dies of COVID-19

T Narasimha Rao, popularly known as TNR (for his interview show Frankly Speaking With TNR), is died due to Corona infection. TNR is undergoing treatment for Covid-19 from a couple of days in a private hospital in Malkajgiri, Hyderabad. Sources says that he is on respiratory support from a few days but today his condition has got severe and lead to death. Tollywood celebrities are mourning the news of his death.

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Telugu Actor & Star Anchor “TNR” Died of COVID19

TNR has contacted corona some time back but had recovered soon from it. He got treated for it and was declared safe. Then, at a time when things looked perfectly alright, he suddenly reported a breathing problem. TNR got re-admitted to the hospital with the condition deteriorating, according to people close to him.

TNR was extremely popular for his interviews on his show “Frankly Speaking with TNR“. The show has featured some of the biggies from the Telugu film industry. TNR is not just popular for anchoring he is also an actor, Sr.Journalist and preparing for direction in the coming years. He has acted in more than 20 films within a short time, His latest film “Ardhashathabdham” is about to release in Aha App.

RIP Sir…

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