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On this page, you can convert Unicode to Krutidev and Krutidev to Unicode using the online converter tool. Do you know? It is very easy to convert “Unicode into Krutidev” and “Krutidev into Unicode“.

unicode to krutidev online converter

What is Krutidev?

According to Wikipedia, Kruti Dev is Devanagari typeface and non-Unicode clip font typeface which uses the keyboard layout of Remington’s typewriters. It is also called a Krutidev 010 font.

Krutidev font is mostly used in north Indian public service commissions. They conduct their “clerk, stenographer, data entry operator’s” typing exams using the Kruti Dev typeface.

What is Unicode?

Unicode – Universal Coded Character Set (UCS). Do you know? It is the standard font used in the computing industry. Do you know? A lot of users searching “Mangal Font” for windows but the OS has inbuilt support for Mangal font.

Unicode To Krutidev | Krutidev to Unicode

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Due to some technical issues, I can’t embed the online converter tool on this post so I have added the link to the online converter.

Advantages of Using Online Converter Tool

Personally, I love online tools which mean web-based softwares. I don’t want to download and install softwares to do the work. Instead of that, I can use online tools to make the work quite easy.

That is the only reason, I have created an online converter tool. I have mentioned the advantages of using an online converter tool below.

  • Easy to Use
  • No Hidden Cost
  • No need to install any softwares
  • It will reduce your time and data
  • You can convert anytime from any devices
  • Mobile friendly

I have to planned to create an online Hindi typing tool. Please bookmark us to get the latest updates. If you are looking Hindi keyboard for Android then I suggest the “Google Indic Keyboard” Application.

Do you know? Google stopped the support for Google Input Tools Offline. It means Google input tools offline installer is not available for windows operating system but don’t worry you can find the offline installer for all languages on the below article.

  • Google Input Tools Offline Installer

If you are looking for any other online tools please let us know via comments. I will add those tools in my queue.

Frequently Asked Questions About Unicode & Krutidev

How to convert Unicode to krutidev?

Actually, the steps you have to follow is very easy. Just type the text in Unicode and click the convert button. It will convert the text into Kruti dev. You can copy the results on the below result box.

Is it free or not?

It is totally free. You have to pay money to use this service and there is no hidden cost but we used Google Adsense to earn money via advertisements.


I hope this online converter tool will be much helpful for you to convert Unicode to Kruti Dev and Kruti Dev to Unicode. If you face any issues with the online converter tool please let me know via comments. I will check and resolve bugs. Sharing is caring! , right? so share this article with your friends to help them.

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