Klwap | Dvdplay 2020 – Malayalam New Movies Download(HD)

Here I am providing the information about the Klwap and Dvdplay websites. I hope all of you know about the Cinemavilla website.

The popular website to download Malayalam movies. I have already shared a lot of articles to download Tamil, Telugu, and Kannada movies but cinemavilla is the only website I have shared to download Malayalam movies.

So I have decided to create an article about other websites that shares Malayalam movies. While research, I found that Klwap and Dvdplay are the only websites sharing Malayalam’s new movies frequently.

Do you know? Klwap and Dvdplay websites are only developed to provides Malayalam movies primary which means you can download other language movies too.

Klwap, Dvdplay Malayalam Movies Watch Online

Both of these websites are using the same website design. I hope these two websites run under the same organization. The color scheme is the only difference.

Klwap using Blue color scheme and Dvdplay using the red color scheme. The saddest part is both websites are using annoying advertisements. To download Hindi and Tamil movies use the below websites.

While researching, when I click any movie post then the website will automatically start to download an APK file. I know the APK file is adware which is developed to earn money via Android Application.

So Guys, don’t install any android application from the Klwap and Dvdplay website. Do you know? Moviesdaa also providing new Malayalam movies.

Which one is best Cinemavilla or Klwap | Dvdplay?

First, I request you to read an article about the Cinemavilla website. Please don’t compare cinemavilla and Klwap because cinemavilla is much better than dvdplay and klwap.

Everything is good the one and only big disadvantage is ads. I know all movie providing websites using the ads but none of them will automatically download the android application without user permission.

Don’t think that apk is for dvdplay. Movie providing websites won’t develop an official android app for their users. If you are looking for the android app to watch Malayalam movies online then use the “Hotstar” application which is a legal one.

To watch some movies, you have to pay money but not huge and you won’t get new movies immediately on the Hotstar application.


Use these website at your own risk because there is huge chance of your mobile or computer attacked with viruses and downloading new movies from these websites is illegal. We are not responsible for anything.

Frequently Asked Questions About Klwap and Dvdplay

Why the same organization runs these two websites instead of one?

It is because of blocking issues. When the one website is blocked by the government then the users can download movies from another website and it is easy to advertise the first website via the second one.

Is there any relationship between cinemavilla and klwap?

No there is no relationship between cinemavilla and klwap. Cinemavilla is the best website to download Malayalam movies.

Final Thoughts

I am sorry to say this, Klwap and Dvdplay are not good websites to download Malayalam movies because of the website sharing adware applications. Share this article with your friends and family to protect them from Adware.

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