Tamilrockers New Link | Latest URL | Website Updated

Tamilrockers is a movie piracy website that provides the latest movies, tv shows in an illegal way to download but they are changing the new link, latest URL frequently. You’re going to see “Tamilrockers Wiki | Income | Expense | Admin Name | Forum” in this article.

Tamilrockers New Link | Latest URL

New Linkwww.tamilrockers.com
Last Updated1 day ago

To unblock the tamilrockers website in 2019 you have to use the VPN softwares.

tamilrockers.org tamilrockers.net
tamilrockers.del tamilrockers.yt
tamilrockers.da tamilrockers.hn
tamilrockers.co tamilrockers.do
tamilrockers.hd tamilrockers.ph

Tamilrockers Details

In the below table, I have mentioned the tamilrockers(www.tamilrockers.com) website details.

Domain Created on29.05.2011
Domain Expired on29.05.2020
Domain Updated on16.05.2018
Domain Age2976 Days Old
Registrant NameDomain Admin
Registrant CountryThe Bahamas

Yes, you can able to check domain details using the whois lookup tool. It will show the complete website details.

The above image clearly states that Tamilrockers admin hidden his/her name with the help of whois privacy guard.

There a lot of websites the same link Tamilrockers such as “Tamilyogi, Tamilgun, 9xmovies” providing movies in an illegal way.

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Tamilrockers Income

I want to inform you most of the websites will earn money with the help of Google ads and affiliate marketing.

Tamilrockers income is based on three things those are,

  1. Daily Traffic
  2. Ad Network
  3. No of Ad Clicks

But In Tamilrockers Google won’t display the Google ads because it is a piracy website. But some other unpopular advertisement companies such as Propeller Ads Media, popAds, popMyAds, Dynamic Oxygen, Exit Junction, Blacklabelads, and BuzzBizz are supporting these type of websites.

According to Google Keyword Planner, Tamilrockers receives 1 Million to 10 Million Website Visitors per month. OMG, It’s a huge volume right.

Like other websites, I don’t want to provide fake information to my visitors but as per my experience in blogging, tamilrockers will earn money lakhs.

Tamilrockers Expense

They have to spend money on the server. I have already mentioned that tamilrockers website received more than 1 million visits per month so they have to maintain a dedicated server to provide resources.

After that, they have to spend money on domains but comparing to the server the domain cost is too low. The website cost is just Rs.1000/year(approximately).

Other than these expenses, I think they don’t have to spend money on that website.

Tamilrockers Admin Name

haha it’s very funny to talk about this heading because no one knows the admin name of the tamilrockers.

Tamilrockers Shortfilm

Tamilrockers Website Images

Here I have attached the website design of Tamilrockers. They started the forum to discuss movies.

Why People Love Tamilrockers?

“Tamilrockers” is the most popular website in Tamilnadu because most of the peoples in Tamilnadu don’t want to spend money to watch movies in theatres.

This is the main reason, why peoples love tamilrockers. They know that watching movies using piracy is illegal but still there is no proper technology available to identify and block those websites.

If the government identifies the persons behind tamilrockers then they will arrest them.

Why Tamilrockers are changing the website, link, URL name frequently?

The government of India blocks the domains of Tamilrockers because it’s illegal to provide piracy content.

To overcome this issue tamilrockers changing the website name frequently. Some of the peoples are using VPN to bypass the Indian firewall.

A lot of peoples searching over the internet using these keywords “tamilrockers new website, tamilrockers new link 2019, tamilrockers new domain name,tamilrockers unblock,tamilrockers admin arrest” because they are so much interested in tamilrockers.

What are the actions taken against Tamilrockers?

The short answer is nothing because no one found the tamilrockers admin.

Producer AL Azhagappan has accused Tamil Nadu Film Producers’ Council President Vishal of having a share in the piracy website TamilRockers.

Vishal mentioned that his aim is to find the tamilrockers admin to block the movie piracy for saving the producers.

But nothing happened. It’s not his fault and one can say that Vishal has a share in tamilrockers without proper evidence.

Frequently Asked Questions about Tamilrockers

What is Tamilrockers?

Tamilrockers is a website that provides movies in an illegal way to download. Mostly tamilrockers focusing on Tamil films.

What is Tamilrockers New Link?

To find out tamilrockers new link you have to use the VPN method because they are changing the link, URL frequently.

When did Tamilrockers start?

I think it’s 2007 but I don’t know the answer accurately and there is no official record to find out the answer to this question.

Who is the founder of Tamilrockers?

The answer is “Unknown” because If the government finds out the person behind Tamilrockers then they have to go to jail.

What is the income of Tamilrockers?

Tamilrockers will earn money in lakhs but we can’t judge the exact amount.

Tamilrockers Infographics


I hope you like this article. My humble request to my visitors is to avoid watching movies on Tamilrockers. I know that how the world going now but we don’t have to like others. So please watch new movies in theatres.

If you have any queries regarding “Tamilrockers Wiki | Income | Expense | Admin Name | Forum” or “Tamilrockers New Link, URL, Website to download movies” please comment below. I glad to help you.

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