How To Apply OBC Certificate Through Online In Tamilnadu

To apply OBC Certificate online in Tamilnadu first you have to register a “User ID” and “CAN Number” in TNeGA Website.



First, go through the above guides and if you completed the procedures which I have mentioned in the above articles you are ready to go.

Many Common Questions will arise in your mind while we think about OBC Certificate, so let see the question and answers.

What is the validity of the OBC Certificate?

OBC Certificate Valid up to – 31.03.20XX

For example, if you get OBC Certificate on 15.03.2019 then it will be valid up to 31.03.2019.

What is the creamy and noncreamy layer?

Creamy Layer:

If the total family income is more than 8 lakhs he is categorized as OBC creamy layer and he is not entitled to OBC benefits.

Noncreamy layer:

If a person’s total family income is less than 8 lakhs per annum he will get a certificate of OBC non-creamy layer and he will be eligible for benefits that OBC candidates get like the relaxation of age etc.

Apply OBC Certificate Through Online In Tamilnadu

Go to TNega Website and log in to your account – TNeGA Login


Once you have successfully logged in you are in the TNeGA Service Page on that page you have to click the “Revenue Department” Link.

Once you get into the Revenue Department Page It Will List out all services offered by the “Revenue Department”.You have the change the dropdown value from “10” to “25”.


After Clicking Other Backward Classes(OBC) Certificate It will open a new instruction window read out the instructions carefully and proceed.


The application fee is Rs.60 and you have to upload your photo, any address proof(aadhar or any other document), Income certificate, community certificate, and Self-declaration form.


You can search your “CAN Number” using your mobile number then generate the OTP and verify it. Once you proceed further you have to fill OBC Form details.


You have to choose the status of father/husband and mother and their occupation, designation, and pay of scale.

Note :

1. Pay of scale means monthly salary

2. If you want non-creamy layer certificate you must have to upload income certificate otherwise your application get returned

3. Take note of the document type and sizes

4. You have to take the print out of the self-declaration form and sign it then scan it and upload

5. You don’t have to upload any optional documents except “Income certificate”


Finally, you have to make a payment of Rs.60 and the application number gets generated. You can use this number to track your application status. once the obc certificate gets generated you can able to download it on the “Submitted Application” Tab.

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25 thoughts on “How To Apply OBC Certificate Through Online In Tamilnadu”

  1. Ranjith,
    Am having a doubt regarding ,, OBC Certificate issued through this TNeGA Website is for state or Central Obc?? Shall it apply to Central government exams ? or only to State exams??

      • do u really have any knowledge of OBC certificate?? Please check and modify the comments here…. there are lot of mistakes which will cost lot of people’s life. Try to correct it or atleast delete it.

          • 1.OBC Non creamy layer only fathers salary is taken not family. 2. Income from salary and agricultural land is not counted as mark to determine the OBC NCl certificate. Only other source should not cross 8 lakhs.
            3.Obc is only for central gvt not the state

  2. sorry i have an query.. what does creamy layer mean?.. so without uploading income certificate can i get OBC certificate for creamy layer?

    • 1. If the total family income is more than 8 lakhs then you are in the creamy layer so you will not any OBC benefits.
      2. Income Certificate is compulsory to get an OBC certificate.

      Hope it helps you. Still having queries, let me know via comment.

    • Are you married? If you have a separate ration card then you have to submit your income certificate otherwise parent’s income certificate.

  3. Thank you for your reply, my father passed away few years ago and my mother is not working. I am the only earning person in my family. Now I want obc non creamy layer certificate for job. How can I get income certificate for my mother (since she is not working).

    • You have to provide the family head person Income Certificate. Anyway, I don’t know the correct answer to this question. Please consult your VAO to clarify this.

  4. In an OBC clarification by govt . If a person is appointed as classIII or class IV or in Group D or Group C he cannot be treated as creamy layer. But officials are standing by gross salary. Pls confirm.

  5. Hello Mr. Ranjith
    Ragavi here. I have applied for OBC certificate in tnesevai online portal. It’s been 12 days but there is no improvement. Initially the application submitted to VAO verification, and the current status is same as before 12 days. I heard that the entire process would take 15 days to complete. What would be the reasond for delaying in the process?

  6. Hello Ranjith,
    Thanks for the useful information. Kindly clarify my query.
    I’m married, and my husband salary is greater than 8 lacs. Can I still apply for obc certificate with my father’s income certificate? I’ve a separate ration card with my husband and will hinders in some way? And for applying UPSC IAS prelims in Feb 2020 WHEN should I get the obc cert? How to proceed further pls guide me.


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